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Bru'n Water version 1.14 posted


The latest update to the free version of Bru'n Water is now available on the Bru'n Water website.  The main thing that was changed was an update for Acid Malt acidity so that it more accurately reflects its contribution.  The mash pH prediction capability has also been improved.

The free version lacks many of the features of the supporter's version, but its still effective.


Thanks Martin, much appreciated. The last supported version
upgrade narrowed the margin of error for my "crunchy" well water.

Martin, can you explain the process on how someone can become a supporter and  download the supporter's version. your web page talks about Paypal donation site but nothing specific to becoming a supporter.



At present, donating via Paypal is the only way to become a supporter.  A customized file is emailed to each supporter.  There is no download site for the supporter's version.


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