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Strawberry Hefeweizen Recipe- Input Please

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Attempting my first fruit added beer and I'd like your input on the recipe.

5 lbs Wheat Malt
4 lbs Pilsner Malt

Mash @155 for 60

1 oz Hallertau @60

WLP300 w/1.7l starter

7lbs of frozen/thawed strawberries in secondary for approx. 10 days after primary.


Looks good to me.  Everything I've ever been told or read regarding the addition of strawberries advised to use a LOT of them.

In general 1 to 2lbs of fruit per gallon of beer is fine however strawberry is a very mild fruit flavor. I suggest bumping it up to 2lbs per gallon in secondary and also NOT to use the 300 yeast because the yeast flavor will over power the fruit flavor. I suggest using something like wyeast 1010 or even 1056/ safe ale 05 to help the fruit shine through. Also try to get fresh fruit and freeze it for a fews day prior and let thaw prior to adding followed by mashing it up with a sanitized masher to get more surface area for flavor. The fresh really adds a little bit something extra.  O also mash for 90 min to help with conversion.

Thanks for the input. I was planning on getting fresh (or as fresh as possible) strawberries and freezing them a couple days prior, then thawing before adding to secondary.

For the yeast/flavor profile, I'm just looking for a hint of strawberry added to the typical estery hefe yeast- is 7lbs still too little for a 5 gallon batch?

i would say increase it to 10lbs. Strawberry is a Very very very subtle flavor and the hefe yeast will overpower it. I have tried it and yeast dominates but hell ya never know it may be the best beer you ever made its strictly personal choice. Would love to know the results.


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