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Low OG...any suggestions?


Alright, so just got done brewing an IPA.  Based on my recipe calculations the OG should have been 1.062.  After the boiling process and adding water I tested the gravity and it is at 1.040.  Significantly lower than my intended OG.  I am a little disappointed and really surprised as my previous IPA hit my intended OG at 1.060.  Any suggestions at this point?  I have already pitched the yeast so not sure what else can be done except just ride it out and see where it lands.

Here is the fermentables.

5 gallon batch.

9.15# of pale extract
.25# of cane sugar (wanted to dry it out a little)

roughly 7 ounces of hops
1 oz magnum
6 oz of centennial

Any thoughts?

thanks for your help.

You could try adding honey. If you boil it for 10-20 minutes you shouldnt really get any honey flavor. I would just cool it and dump it in you'll up your gravity. I've had really good luck with honey in IPAs.

That looks like enough extract and sugar for the higher gravity.  Perhaps you didn't stir well enough after topping off with water before taking your reading?

Jeffy,  I think you might be spot on.  I am having a feeling I did not mix it well enough even though I rocked the carboy back and forth for awhile.  Oh well.  I gave it another good shake as I could see the separation after hooking up my blow off tube.

Barely any fermentation activity this morning but it is still a little early.  I am going to take another gravity reading this afternoon. 

Thanks for the suggestions.  I was dumbfounded that I would get such a drastic OG difference with extract. 

The only thing I thought was not mixed well or too much top off water. 

Thanks again.


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