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klickitat jim:
I'm going to keep that in mind and try it. Maybe 50 ibus of Simcoe early then Amarillo mosaic late and dry


--- Quote from: gmwren on August 01, 2013, 01:00:26 PM ---I've only used it as a dry hop in IPAs and IIPAs. I give it at least a week at room temp then I chill to serving temp. I get an intense dank grapefruit with some hints of citrus and pine. As a test, I dry hopped one keg with Mosaic and a second with Cascade and Amarillo. The Amarillo is obvious and does a wonderful job of muting the dankness of Mosaic. I now use 50/50 Amarillo to Mosaic based on blending tastes.

I would be interested in how others have used this hop including where in the boil, at what temp were you using it whirlpool, etc.. What flavors/aromas are coming out based on usage.

--- End quote ---
I used it in my last IPA, which was a blend of Amarillo/Centennial/Columbus/Mosaic. I used the blend late( I bittered with Chinook) @ 15,10, 5 mins, KO (30 min hopstand), and dry 4 oz for 7 days. Previously I had used Simcoe in the place of Mosaic in the same hop schedule, so the only variable was using the Mosaic. The beer had a definite berry note that came through loud and clear from the Mosaic. I'll definitely be using it again soon.


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