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My fave Mosaic combo so far has been Mosaic/Amarillo/Citra/Motueka. It's a big fruit bomb, but that's what I was going for. I have an IPA on deck that I'm planning on Mosaic/Columbus/Citra/Nelson. Mosaic + Citra gives you a massive fruit bomb as your base, and I'm really digging that right now.

Looking forward to trying Mosaic myself. A local brewery (Lone Pint) came out with a SMASH using Maris Otter and Mosaic, just freaking great flavor and nose.

Titanium Brewing:
I have made 1 IPA with mosaic, 1 DIPA with mosaic & SMASH with mosaic. All turned out fantastic.

Great hop, I've made a Ipa with mosiac, chinook, and cascade.  It came out great, one of my favorite beers.

I've only used it as a dry hop in IPAs and IIPAs. I give it at least a week at room temp then I chill to serving temp. I get an intense dank grapefruit with some hints of citrus and pine. As a test, I dry hopped one keg with Mosaic and a second with Cascade and Amarillo. The Amarillo is obvious and does a wonderful job of muting the dankness of Mosaic. I now use 50/50 Amarillo to Mosaic based on blending tastes.

I would be interested in how others have used this hop including where in the boil, at what temp were you using it whirlpool, etc.. What flavors/aromas are coming out based on usage.


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