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citra with?

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Hello! i'm going to brew an "american" saison using citra... i wonder what other hop goes well with citra in a combo and the esters of a saison yeast


Most "C" hops - Cascade, Amarillo, Centennial, etc. Galaxy is nice, and so is Motueka. Citra will overpower most other hops (Motueka especially so), so either plan on the other hops just being in the background unless you use at least twice as much of them as the Citra.

I have thought about using citra in a Saison. Consider keeping it very moderate and maybe adding in a European hop as well, like sapphire.

I love citra in my white wheat. I single hop it. One ounce does the trick. 1/4 for bittering the rest for flavoring.

i did my last two beers with citra, amarillo and simcoe and both were fantastic.


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