Author Topic: advice for adjusting to different system  (Read 3302 times)

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Re: advice for adjusting to different system
« Reply #15 on: April 23, 2013, 01:28:16 AM »
wow this is a tough one to answer. So many new variables. I would adjust your recipes to 70% and go from there. If I had to guess why such a dramatic change I would go with the water profile being more alkaline than your previous home. Brewing all grain 101 teaches us we want to pull our mash down to 5.2 appx. to get a good conversion of starches if you start out with a neutral 7 PH you will probably pull it down naturally pretty close to that mark 5.2-5.6 or so but if you are starting with a PH of 10 you will neer getthere and get crappy conversion. This is only a guess though. Scaling up the recipe should not give you that big of a loss. Another question did you use a lot of adjuncts in this recipe or any other thing weird ? Maybe the diastatic power of 2 row was not high enough to convert ? 6 row maybe a better option if you used a lot of adjuncts etc..... just keep trying and you will get back where you need to be and btw get a water report for your new brew water I have a gut feeling it will show something that is throwing things out of whack also, invest in a barley crusher or monster mill and then your crush will always be consistant.  good luck !!
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Re: advice for adjusting to different system
« Reply #16 on: April 23, 2013, 02:22:22 AM »
What to do? What do big breweries do when they get a bigger system? They brew beer, test and taste, adjust for the next batch. They have good notes and a good baseline on taste. They might even dump batches, but they dial in.

Brew on the new system, you will get it figured out.
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Re: advice for adjusting to different system
« Reply #17 on: April 23, 2013, 02:25:12 PM »
Thanks guys. The main problem is I am only going to be living in my current location a few months and the 10 gallon system is not mine. So bascially everything is going to change again.

I am just going to have to keep brewing and try not to worry too much. Its just frustrating when you are trying to formulate a recipe and are it becomes a guessing game more or less. For the two batches I have done I got 63% and 71% for efficiency with the prior being for a 5 gallon batch. The process and grain crush has stayed constant. For the 71% batch I did focus more on stirring the mash and used a paddle to compact the mash at the end of the sparge. I am good about taking notes so next batch I will try to change nothing and shoot for the 70% mark.
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