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Just ordered a 10L fermenting crock complete with weighting stones. Planning on using it mainly for sauerkraut. Anyone else use one? It wasn't cheap. $125 or so. But free shipping.

Nice!  I think I should put a pot of kraut on right this minute.  I haven't used what you just purchased but do use a 4 gallon Redwing crock which kicks out about 12 quarts kraut.  Just enough to get by a year.  I also use a 16th century recipe of my grandfathers from Switzerland.  Simple, just add salt and Danish ball head cabbage.  All other herbs are added at cook time.  Cheers!

We lucked out when we were cleaning out my mother-in-law's basement a few years ago.  She had a bunch of Red wing crocks.  All kinds of sizes from 1 gal. to 20 gal.  No one else in her family had any interest so we took them.  We had glass tops cut for them and use them for end tables/plant stands.  We have a couple of smaller ones we use as they were designed now and then too.

It didn't hurt that my brother, who collects these things, about died when he saw them all.   ;D

I hope the kraut works out well.  I haven't had homemade kraut in years.


I make it once or twice a year but I can see keeping a batch going year round now. I'll post photos when I get mine.

If this one works out a may get the 20L as well. :)

I have a big one.  It's called "My bathtub".  It gets a little crowded when I have both beer and sauerkraut in there during a bath.


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