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Why beer ratings are great & awards are overrated

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Interesting perspective.


Interesting indeed.

Of the gold medal winners I did get to try at GABF last year, I can't say I was underwhelmed by any of them. In fact, that's what got me turned on to Green Flash.

As long as we have something to compare and argue is "the best", we can continue to steer bar banter away from politics.

And this is why I love the beer ranking sites. And SportsCenter Top Plays. And even Consumer Reports.

There is a certain amount of randomness in beer competitions.

There is a certain amount of bias and randomness in the fanboy sites. Large samples can give a mean that may be close to the expected value. The web sites do not judge to style., so the guy in the link better not plan on lagers.

Everyone is wrong about everything all the time, but we grow increasingly convinced of our correctness with every pint!


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