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budweiser yes, but kind of cool

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"Consumers will be giving up about an ounce of beer to get that conversation started. The new can holds 11.3 ounces rather than the standard 12 ounces."  Maybe getting less Bud is an advantage?

Noticed the link for the 15 best beers in the world.  Most of them are Imperial Stouts.  Didn't know that Bourbon County Stout was no longer being made.  Too bad.  Expensive, but quite an awesome beer.

IMO, dumb gimmick.....11 ounce can for the fashonably hip.

I am a curmudgeon, however, as the only can I really like as a beer package is a keg.  If ever given the choice, I choose a bottled product over an equivelant canned one....even if I pour it into a glass.

I understand the ecological and beer quality aspects of the can, and appreciate the craft beer movement to provide an "on the go" packaging is just my personal last choice unless I need it for a reason (like a park, or the pool).

But then again, being a homebrewer, with a kegerator, and stainless steel growlers....I am not much of a packaged beer consumer anyway.

I bet it was intended to be the shape of a woman, since cans normally stand upright.  But they are saying bowtie so they don't get protested.  But we all know the average Bud drinker is going to look at it and say,"Damn...that's hot" ;D


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