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I was describing how to brew Belgian beer to one of the guys I met on the German homebrewer forum.
rough translation:
Me  "Strong Belgian beers use between 10 and 20% sugar."
Him  "Sugar? Like, table sugar? White sugar."
Me "Exactly."
Him "But, that's against the law!"
Me "Then don't tell the police!"

It's really crazy to me how even German homebrewers take the Reinheitsgebot seriously. He also has a haze problem, (I suspect) because he never uses Irish Moss or any other clarifiers. He does have an amazing HERMS BK/MLT system with like, ropes and pulleys and stuff, though.

I believe Irish moss is R'gebot compliant since it doesn't end up in the finished beer.

Laws or no laws, you have to agree they brew some mighty fine beer:)

klickitat jim:
I don't know about arresting someone for using adjunct,  but in my taste buds opinion the best beer is made with water, barley, hops, and one other thing can't remember right now.

"Freedom is temporary unless you are also Brave!" - Patriot

It's all in good fun (blödsinn erzählen). He makes fun of my pronunciation (he thinks the way I say "deer" is hilarious), and I make fun of his fear of adjuncts. Also, he'd never heard of an "IPA" before today, so I had to give him s*** for that too.


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