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I am ever so happy to see this category. I love travel and have made it a point to travel
to as many AHA rallies as I can. I missed the Surley Brewing rally. But have many
under my belt.

Some of my AHA rallies,
Boston Brewing, MA
Stone Brewing, CA
Ska Brewing, CO
Lefthand Brewing, CO
New Belgium, CO

Funny thing is I am closer to Stone than Boston and I had to spend the night in San Diego
while Boston was a day trip!

I cannot wait to share more stories and read others.

Cheers.   ;D

Dude, you are RALLY MAN!   ;D

SD to Boston as a day are the man!  Or you really like flying  :D

I'm in Denver. 2hr flt to SD, 4 to Boston. The Boston flight shorts me two hours with the time change. I gain on to SD.
The schedule of the rally most often determines what I do. Boston was later in the day, so I was able to fly out the same day.
I love travel. Like CSNY said "I have been around the world..."

I wish you made the Surly, I wanted to know how you could pack 5 g of wort as carrying on.


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