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Second thoughts on brewing

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As some of you have read, my first kit is arriving on Monday. I am feeling quite overwhelmed because I've realized that I will have to purchase some sort of propane burner as well as figure out a unique cooling solution for my wort (Florida warm water issue). I've actually considered (gasp) returning the kit. I have a passion for craft beer, but I'm wondering if I've prematurely gotten into this hobby. Am I over thinking my first brew? Thanks to everyone for the support so far.

relax. don't worry. have a (home) brew!

take delivery of the kit. make the beer. don't worry about a burner or big kettle or chiller. enjoy the process. it is simple and fun. take a step back and don't get caught up in advanced things before you've even brewed a single beer. it may not be perfect but, if you choose to move forward, learn from any and all mistakes. it's only beer.


i didn't get a chiller until about beer number 8 or 9. and i didn't get a burner until further in on the process. you don't need these things to make beer. i have done 3 gallon biab batches on the stove top. don't feel like you need any single piece of equipment until you figure out your brewing process.

Just make a big ice bath and you will be good to go!!  My biggest piece of advice is to put your carboy/bucket into a water bath to try and maintain fermentation temps. It WILL make a ton of difference in your final beer. Have fun!!


Why do you have to buy a burner or chiller? Perhaps what you should start with is a no-boil kit like a Coopers or Brewferm. What is most important is sanitation at key points and the proper fermentation temps: both which are easily achievable with a first try at making beer.

There is no reason you can't make 5 gallons of fabulous beer with an ordinary household 2 gallon stockpot in the kitchen. Can you explain why the kitchen stove is off limits? All you have to do is heat the water...

Well it's not off limits, but boiling smelly wort for an hour on our gas range will most likely cause my better half to disapprove of my new hobby quickly. I assume using our nat gas range top would be much more expensive over propane. Lastly, I fear both a boil over and potentially damaging the range ( maybe what I've read is damage to glass top stoves).


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