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Extending the life of chest freezers question

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You can also tweak the internal thermostat to bring the temperatures up to refrigeration temps and then use the temperature dial to adjust it from there.  Do an internet search for good posts.  (I'm not sure if this board minds if you link other forums)

This is actually a very tricky topic to get into..... I'm in the HVAC business as well as I work on small appliance such as chest freezers. the biggest problem is that the compressor and system in general is meant to be run at below 32 degree f. It contains a what is called a low temp compressor which means that above that 32 degree ( or actually lower ) you are in essence making the unit work harder which you would think the exact opposite as you would think higher temps would equate to less work. the short answer to your question without getting into thermodynamics and the actual amount of cooling capacity of a compressor based on cubic footage is to #1 insulate to a ridiculous amount around the collar if you have a keezer #2 try to keep the ambient outside air as close to the temperature of the internal temperature without going below the compressor oil tolerance and #3 get the unit serviced like call someone in to check the refrigerant charge and to clean the evaporator coil etc... as the old saying goes proper prevention prevents poor performance.  best of luck !!!

klickitat jim:
I wish someone made a 14 cf chest fridge.

"Friends don't let friends drink bad beer"


--- Quote from: klickitat jim on April 21, 2013, 03:50:08 AM ---I wish someone made a 14 cf chest fridge.

"Friends don't let friends drink bad beer"

--- End quote ---

I believe companies build professional equipment in that range but not for general use.  Price is the issue that stops most folks from buying a True commercial fridge for their keg storage.  Small used commercial units still cost hundreds, if not not 1000+, $$ for a smaller units.


klickitat jim:
Read your post and googled it. Ya, you're right. Wish I was rich lol. I found a 23 cf chest refrigerator for $1800. But she would hold several cornys huh?

"Friends don't let friends drink bad beer"


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