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Nat. gas stove boiling times

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klickitat jim:
I used to do 3 gallons on a basic electric range. Took about 20 min to get to 150 for steep then another 20 to boil.

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Straddling works if the pot fits... And once at a boil you might not need both burners going full blast so you can monkey with that. Natural gas is preferable imo because it is cheap and will perform better than an electric range. However, I think electric is a better overall choice in regards to expense and efficiency if applied correctly.

I typically boil 13+ gallons on my NG stove- and it is a basic model. It heats up 16+ gallons to mash temp fairly easily with the lid on. Man, that built in thermometer has saved me a couple nasty burns. wish I had installed it sooner!


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