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Beverage line length ?

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--- Quote from: tschmidlin on April 21, 2013, 10:11:03 PM ---How fast does the beer come out?  Look in the line, is it liquid or foam?  Does it change from liquid to foam at any point between the keg and the shank?  How much of the shank sticks into the keezer?

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The beer/foam comes out fast I mean really fast.... as to the looking at the lines it is beer in the line but a combination of foam/beer as it pours into the glass. To the shank question a good 75% is inside the collar and insulation as they are 4" shanks. I am fairly confident this is a length / lack of restriction issue I just don't know how to calculate the amount of resistance per foot I need in order to overcome the psi of the regulator. I also must eat my words I looked today at my bevflex 200 line which I thought was 3/16" and it is not it is 1/4" ID tube 7/16" OD and it is only appx 5-6' long per tap. this all pretty much supports the lines do not offer enough resistance to counter the pressure.

Now you answered your question.
1 ft of 3/16 tubing will give you about 3 psi drop per 1ft of tubing.
5 ft of 3/16 tubing should be enough.

Yeah, as Thirsty_Monk says, you either need to swap it for 3/16" or get more 1/4".  The 1/4" stuff only restricts about 0.65 psi/ft (according to morebeer) and the 3/16" restricts 2.2 psi/ft (morebeer).

Just a fyi as I did change my lines today...... I went a little more than most people recommended and went with 10 feet of 3/16" at 10psi at 40 degrees. Oh My God what a huge difference !!!! I can actually pour a full pint with no issues !! if anything I feel I could probably even trim back a foot or two and still be completely fine. I also noticed that more "bubbles" remain in the beer now as well, the head is not as insane or rocky but the carbonation stays in solution and there is definitely still a head there though it dissipates more quickly now.... either way I'm a much happier brewer as of today !!! Thanks for the advice.

At 40F you could go to 12 psi and still be OK.


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