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Cream Ale Saison ?


 I was debating on whether to brew a saison or a cream ale, and came up with this.
I don't have a lot of experiance with saisons, so I figured I'd post the recipe and see what you all think?
Do you all think this will be any good, or just a nasty watery insipid mess?

OG 1.042
FG 1.006
IBU's 21
6 gallon batch

3.25 lb. 2 row
3.25 lb. 6 row
1 lb.     demerara sugar
0.5 lb.   flaked corn

0.25 oz. Polaris hops @ 60 min. (because I want to get rid of them, but I also have magnum I could use)
1 oz. saaz @ 10 min.

mash @ 148ºf
some sort of saison yeast?

Mark G:
Looks good. It should make a tasty saison. You can call it anything you'd like, but using a saison yeast strain will make it taste like a saison, not a cream ale. Historically, a saison would have been brewed with whatever grains the farmer had available. It's the yeast that makes the beer a saison.


I find WY3711 will add "creamy" mouthfeel.

I'm sure it will make for a good beer as-is, but if you're going the saison route I don't know if the 6-row is going to do much for you. A lot of styles lend themselves well to be crossed with a saison, but I'm not so sure that a cream ale is one of them.

If you really want to try to brew something that comes across as a cream ale/saison hybrid, I'd probably start with a cream ale recipe, ferment it like a cream ale (with cream ale yeast), then add some white peppercorns and a bit of citrus zest in secondary.


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