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Ph questions for a Kolsch


For a 12 gallon batch (18lbs grain) i added 1.25tsp. lactic acid to 6.5 gal. strike water for a Ph of 5.5. a 90 min. rest at 150*.
Should also add acid to my sparge water?

It sounds like your water has some alkalinity and needed the acid.  Was the 5.5 pH in the mash?  I recommend a little lower pH than that to help make the beer a little more crisp and tart.

Yes, 5.5 mash ph (at room temp.)
I'm about halfway through my sparse right now. Think adding acid to my sparge water will make any difference?

In the future you might have better results building your water from RO. I dilute my water 60/40 with RO/tap and add a small amount of calcium chloride to bring the total calcium ppm up to around 50. It will depend on how soft or hard your water is, of course.


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