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Author Topic: yuzu!  (Read 2193 times)

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« on: May 15, 2010, 07:59:15 pm »
yuzu is a great little japanese fruit - very aromatic, somewhere between a lemon and a mandarin. i am planning a yuzu ale and wondered if anyone has any advice for what quantities and at what stage to use it. am going to be using mainly the juice with a bit of the peel thrown in for good measure. plan is to chuck it into the secondary, using about a litre of juice in a 20 litre batch.

basic recipe is a light/wheat malt extract, a bit of crystal malt, with some nugget hops for bittering in the boil and some cascade for aroma and dry hopping... plus, of course, the yuzu... am hoping for a nice refreshing fruity summery golden ale, zesty and tangy and crisp but with the flavours in the background and not too over-powering (ie not a sickly sweet fruit beer).

anyone any thoughts on things like how much hops to use? am thinking the fruit flavours will clash with the bitterness if i use too much hops. any other tips/thoughts much appreciated.


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Re: yuzu!
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2010, 11:34:45 am »
In my opion, if you want that fruit flavor to come thru, I would juice them and add to secondary, use some zest in the last 5-10m of the boil too. As for how much... going to depend on how strong flavored they are... if they are strong like lemons, then use less... mellow like mandarins, use more... I would also go with noble type hops to stay mellow and let the fruit come thru better. But overall sounds like a great summer brew. good luck!
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