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Yakima, WA


I will be in Yakima for this entire week for work. I was wondering if anyone on the forums wanted to meet up, or if anyone could give me recommendations for places I should eat/drink.

I do intend on hitting the Keg and Cork, because it had pretty good reviews, and looks like it has a quality selection.

Absolutely go visit Hop Union. You won't regret it. The Stadium is where folks go....I've been to Yakima Brewery, small but nice beers.

Bale Breaker just opened up recently.  Limited hours at their tasting room, but if you can't get there when they are open you can find their beer at a few places around town.

The Beer Shoppe has a good variety of stuff (bottles and taps), but probably not as good as what you are used to getting on the west side.

I always end up at Sportscenter, 2nd street, or whatever hotel bar after I'm at an event in Yakima

klickitat jim:
Bummer I have to work tomorrow thru Saturday or I'd roll up there.

Miner Burger in Union Gap is cool for lunch.

"Friends don't let friends drink bad beer"


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