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Germany spoiled me

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Going to Germany is what got me started with homebrewing. I too was in Schweinfurt, a 20 bottle rack of beer on base was $13.50 and you got $3.50 back when you returned the empties. My favorite beer is Maisel's Weisse from Bayreuth, both Krystal and Hefe Weissen. I also like Weihenstephaner, that brewery has been in business since 1040! If I'm still around, I'm planning on flying over for their Millennium celebration.

Taking a family vacation to Gernany this Christmas. My wife and I met in Germany 20 yrs ago. We were both in the Army, so we got to spend about 4+ years there. This is a chance to take the kids as they're old enough to enjoy and appreciate the trip. Really looking forward to enjoying the beers I first tried way back when. I think I'll appreciate them even more now.

Primary trip is to Berlin with some side trips planned-possibly one to Pilsn; oh my! Any thoughts or suggestions?


Bamburg.  I don't think it's necessary to love smoked beer.


--- Quote from: jeffy on July 08, 2013, 11:42:58 AM ---Bamburg.  I don't think it's necessary to love smoked beer.

--- End quote ---
One can spend an afternoon at Mahrs going through there range of beers. There are also many brewers in the area that make tasty Kellerbier. Agree that there is more than Rauchbier in Bamberg.


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