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I sure don't listen to Brewstrong as much as I did a few years ago.  But, last night while brewing, I listened to the recent Q&A on going pro. 

Jamil was dogging BJCP judges pretty harshly.  Calling them morans more than once.  Has his commercial success gone to his head? 

It put a bad taste in my mouth.  I've always (and probably still do) respect the man very much. 

Anyway, I turned it off, and downloaded one of Brad Smith's podcast. 

klickitat jim:
Hadn't heard it. I guess we can all have bad days. As a new comer to this, I view judges as the priesthood of brewing.  I think its awesome they keep us in line but its fun to do your own thing too. I used crystal in a dark Belgian strong once and it made me feel so naughty lol

"Friends don't let friends drink bad beer"

we're certainly not perfect, and there are some bad apples.  A judge this weekend mentioned that he had lost his sense of smell a few years ago.  Wow, interesting choice of hobby...

but I think we're pretty good, and getting better.  And if I thought poorly of BJCP judges I certainly wouldn't send dozens of entries to NHC...*shrug*


I am not a judge or ever judged (hope to change that someday soon) so I wouldn't ever call these guys morons.  Jamil, on several occassions, has opined about some of the judges abilities to fill out scoresheets or their lack of skill in filling out these sheets.  He's even listed examples from nationally ranked judges.

Another area that he's complained about, and Gordon Strong has agreed with, is telling people how they brewed something just by tasting the beer.  His thoughts are how a judge can know a person's specific brewing process by detecting a flaw, when that flaw could be the result of several factors regardless of their process.

One of the reasons I haven't become a BJCP judge yet is I'm not confident in my ability to judge a beer according to style.  I'm trying to increase my knowledge before doing so.  I know there's a seriuos shortage of judges but is it better to have that than a flood of judges who don't know what they're doing.

Yes, constructive criticism of the process should not offend anyone.  But to call BJCP moran's three or four times in less than a minute turned me off.  I am not a judge.  But, I have seen how hard these folks work to provide scoresheets that mean something to the brewer.

I would suggest you go to a comp and volunteer to judge.  They will sit you with experienced judges.  Even as a stewart I have had judges (Gordon Strong being one) that offered me a taste, and described the specific off flavors in that sample.  It was quite educational. 


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