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March Pump Heads

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--- Quote from: denny on April 24, 2013, 05:01:09 PM ---AFAIAC, the gold standard is the March 809 HS.  Although there's another version with a larger impeller that's probably even better.  I intend to upgrade the impeller in my 809.

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The March 809 impeller upgrade to the 815 makes a huge difference in priming and volume flow.  Worth every penny.  Here is where I found it:

Jeff M:
Ive done a little research at this point. The pros to the centerline model are as follows.

1. No potential for stagnant water in head, so no mold growth
2. higher Gallons Per Minute
3. Will pump liquid higher then the noncenterline model.
4. it comes with a mounting brackets already attached, whereas the other does not(unconfirmed)
Apparently i bought a much better pump.  the 3/4" MPT fitting was a putoff, then i found this.

a 3 dollar part will fix my issues with this pump ;D

They all come with mounting brackets.  I doubt you will get the higher flow rate if you're restricting the input to 1/2".  Also, according to this you'll get the highest head from the 815 (larger impeller).  If you can swap out the 809C impeller with this one like you can with the regular 809, I definitely would.  It helps a lot with cavitation problems like others have mentioned.

I don't know how you'd get stagnant water in either pump if you mount them with the input on the bottom.  You can also mount both horizontally as long as the bracket is on the bottom, which is more convenient for me, and I haven't had any problems with leftover water after cleaning.

Jeff M:
Yeah, im not to worried abotu the flow rate.  ill take smaller GPM rather then have 2 different sets of hoses etc.:D


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