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Ok, So I have brewed for my 7th time.  So far I have only used extracts with some grain in the beginning for flavor.  I am making sure I have the basics down before I upgrade to all grain, but anyway onto the problem:

I decided to test my luck at adding mint to stout.  My desire was to come up with a warm weather stout where the mint would be present just enough for an aftertaste to effectively act as a palate cleanser.  Anyway I made the stout with:
 3.3 lbs of LME
 about 1/4 lb of roasted barely
3 lbs Dark DME
1 oz of cascade hops (boiled for 45 minutes)
1/2 oz of Willamette hops (boiled 10 minutes)
1 pouch of liqued red ale yeast

after fermenting for 1 week I racked the beer for 2 weeks.  Once this passed I bottled with 3/4 cup of corn sugar to carbonate, and added at very end 1/2 oz of mint extract. 

So after this was all done I have a beer as carbonated as pepsi, with the same amount of head.....what did I do? (no detergents were used in the cleansing of items, I used a cleaner/sanatizer from my local brew shop and I rinsed everything after the soak).

klickitat jim:
Check sugar content of mint. Also, what was final gravity?

"Friends don't let friends drink bad beer"

Not sure about the sugar on the mint, because its not listed.  It only lists 89% alcohol, as for the gravity, it was 1.012

klickitat jim:
I always weight my primer. The weight of volume can vary too much. I also wonder where the beer wanted to finish. Was it 1.012 for a few days?

"Friends don't let friends drink bad beer"

yea, because I checked then had to wait a few days before I had the time to bottle, and I double checked.


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