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klickitat jim:
Ok my newby opinion is slightly too much primer by weight. It may also be a mix issue. In other words maybe not all bottles are that carbed

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 Yeah you should weigh not measure the sugar/extract. 3/4 cup seems like a lot for a stout. Temperature(how warm did the beer get), sugar/extract type and of course hitting your bottling volume all factor in to the carb level.

I agree with all of the above, RE: priming sugar.

The only thing I can think about the lack of head retention is that the oil in the mint reduced it, but I don't think mint extract has that much (if any) oil in it.

Alright, I will try weighing form now on but...most of my stuff has only given me measurements.  Should I just then get a scale and go off of a cup is 8 oz so if I need 3/4 a cup weight to 6 oz?  Also heat may have been an issue, I came home one day to our air conditioning being off and the whole house being 81 degrees.

i quit weighing.  i took 20 measurements of 3/4 cup and put them on the scale and theyh were all within a few grams which is less than 1 percent differnce


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