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IPA tasting awful through new line, recently cleaned tap

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--- Quote from: tschmidlin on April 26, 2013, 07:09:39 AM ---Is the replacement line from a different batch?  Sometimes you get a bad batch of tubing and it gives a bad flavor to the beer.  That would explain "especially when it has sat in the line for a night or two".  If it was the keg I would expect it to be uniformly bad.

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This is the second keg I've run through the line and didn't notice anything the first keg. Just replaced line 3 weeks ago. Maybe it really did just need cleaned.


--- Quote from: majorvices on April 26, 2013, 01:42:52 PM ---I was talking to a bar owner and he mentioned something about if certain IPAs sit for very long in the line he has to flush the line with 1/2 a pint before he can get it to taste right. Anyone else ever hear about this? I wonder if the hops in the line affect the line someway.

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I have 10' long 1/4" lines and I don't really like the taste of the first half pint after it sits for a day or so regardless of the beer. Munich Dunkel, APA, Maibock, Dry Stout, etc. I have the beverage lines from NB, so they're food grade. I also clean them after every keg. I've just associated it with me being picky and weird, but maybe we're on to something?

Well, I usually dump a 1/4 pint if it has sat longer than a day or so but seems like some beers go fouler a lot faster sitting in the line.

I finally broke down and ran BLC through mine, after going through this. Works as advertised for sure.

I guess I just got to the point where it was easier to take taps apart and clean them and replace the line since I always have a few rolls laying around and it's cheap. But I'll probably go back to using line cleaner now. It's quick and easy.

Anyone know how long the line cleaner wil last once mixed into solution?


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