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Taking Newly Bottled Beer on a Plane

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put it in a ziplock and don't worry about it


--- Quote from: rjharper on April 26, 2013, 09:56:43 PM ---
--- Quote from: repo on April 26, 2013, 09:53:15 PM ---If there is any chance at all of a "bottle bomb", I would not even consider it. If you don't mind possibly pissing off hundreds of co passengers and a possible very public "colonoscopy"-- go for it.

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I dont get this post at all. It's going to be in a checked bag, well packed by somebody who's clearly packed beer in luggage before.

To the OP, it'll be fine. Just let it sit and settle afterwards. RDWHAHB

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What is not to get, the TSA doesn't like things that explode in your baggage. Of course it's being checked it has to be, but that is irrelevant. Of course he will let it sit, it isn't carbed - he just bottled it, and stated he was gonna leave directions about letting it sit. How do you know it will be well packed- but again irrelevant. A beer in the process of carbing is a risky proposition for air/mail travel, and could lead to problems for the flyer/mailer.

I would think that a beer in the process of carbing is less risky than one that already has pressure from carbonation.

klickitat jim:
Could ship it the old fashioned way if there is any doubt.

"Friends don't let friends drink bad beer"

Not to worry. It's not like will it be exposed to the vacuum of space. Most aircraft keep a lower cabin pressure than where I lived in Colorado (7200'.) No bottle bombs there, and none going over 11,995' passes.


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