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Scoresheet comment... Inappropriate?

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Hi guys, I got my 2 scoresheets back from the regional competition for NHC.  One was great, I think I advanced to the second round with a 44.  The other one was a 28, a score I am much more used to  ;D.
I usually like the comments, even if they are critical, but a comment I received for my 28 beer (IPA), seemed a little harsh.  For overall impression, it says:
Very nice but very one dimensional
more like a big pale ale
Better Beers on table

So, I may be too sensitive here, but I just wanted to know what you guys thought of the third line, I just thought it went without saying that if you scored a 28, there were better beers on the table.

I'd say that last comment was unnecessary, albeit likely true. I have certainly thought it, but I wouldn't write it.

klickitat jim:
I would be proud of the high score and either forget the low one or rework the recipe and make it better. But I wouldn't let the low one get to me.

"Friends don't let friends drink bad beer"

The good news is, my problem is finally the recipe (after 10 years of tweaking the process).  I was going for an extremely simple IPA, but probably shouldn't have for competition.

I don't think I'd be offended by it, but they really wasted their time writing something that goes without saying - if it didn't advance, and wasn't mis-categorized, then well yeah there were better beers on the table...


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