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Nope, don't worry about it. It's been pasteurized.  Boiling fruit strips away delicate flavor and aromas.  I use fruit purees when I make fruit beers for my wife, and i just add it to secondary, then beer on top. If you bottle, be sure to verify that your fermentation has stopped after adding the juice (because you will get a 2nd fermentation) - check with a hydrometer until you get consistent readings for 2 to 3 days, then bottle.

So I have gotten around to making this beer now.  I added 64 oz of pure pomegranate juice (not from concentrate).  Right now my secondary is bubbling like hell, so am I going to get more alcohol from this addition of juice?  Also if so, how can I tell my new abv since adding the pomegranate juice my SG did change (from a 1.018 to a 1.024)?

You probably could have used the juice as priming agent. For a wheat beer six points sounds about right to get the right volumes co2. 

I went to natural grocer and found in the cooler a bottle of 4x concentrate
pomegranite juice.  I dilute it to 1/4 strength with water and put over ice
man it has the real pom flavor. With that you could add very little liquid
and get huge flavor returns.

It is made by Jarrow.

Jarrow...I'll have to keep that in mind.  I was afraid concentrate would ruin the flavor so I spent like $20 on this juice.


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