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Best Way to 'Dry Adjunct'

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--- Quote from: reverseapachemaster on May 01, 2013, 11:50:19 AM --- There's a risk of some pectin haze but I'd rather risk hazy beer than infected beer.

--- End quote ---

Not in a wit!  Yay Belgium.

went with a mix of the two.  soaked .4oz of chamomile and the zest of a navel and a blood orange in vodka for a few hours.  Then read Denny's affirmation of my tincture issue and placed a sanitized muslin bag lining my favorite pint glass, poured the whole sloppy mess into there, pulled the bag out, dumped the vodka (which smelled more like vodka than the adjuncts...again only a couple hours), tied off the bag, re-spray sanitized, and dropped the whole thing into my fermenter at 75* or so.  Since I'm not trying to turn this beer around for this weekend anymore, I have a little more time to play with it.  Maybe if I leave it until Sunday or so, it will have picked up the aroma I'm looking for. 


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