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No East End Long Island Homebrew Clubs?

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I've recently returned to my hometown of Sag Harbor, Long Island after being away for a couple of decades.  I was looking for a club to join on the East End of Long Island from the AHA "Find a Homebrew Club" page and saw that all of the clubs in New York/Long Island are west of Riverhead, NY.  The closest club is 30 miles. In the tourist season that could be a three hour drive one way!

I went to and mapped all of the AHA clubs which were listed in the directory from Manhattan heading east into the sunrise. View the map.  Are there any unlisted or non-sanctioned clubs out East?

I was wondering if there were any East End home brewers from Hampton Bays to Montauk or on Shelter Island that would want to hook up in our area? 

Steve, the best idea is to start your own.  That's what we did (Dept of Homebrew Security).  There are some great clubs on the island, but they mostly met on a week night usually in Patchogue or somewhere else out east from us.  I'm sure there will be some other brewers out by you that will be interested in forming a club.  Good Luck!!



Wow...Worcester to Long Island.  How long before your accent reverts?  ;D

Good luck on finding/starting a club.  I'm a member of a club in Portsmouth, NH that was small when I started but is gaining every month.  There are homebrewers where you just may need to coax them out with some beer.

I'll put some feelers out to see who's interested: I'll contact some of the breweries and ask them if they have heard of anybody who's been brewing out here.  Anyone use Meet Up?

Sometimes I'm conflicted.  I just moved to Sahg Hahbah. Forgit abow-dit.  Funny thing growing up out on the East End- long before cable was invented -I remember the CT and RI accents more than Brooklyn/NYC since New Haven/Hartford/Providence TV stations are way closer to Sag harbor than NYC TV stations. There was the local "Bonac" accent which came from Dorcester/Dorset on the southern English coast.  Those guys could talk and you'd never see a lip move.


Yes, there is. Brewer's East End Revival (B.E.E.R.). A pretty cool group, I'd say. If you are a beer judge they could use your help at their competition coming up on Saturday May 18.


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