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Dry hop a lager?

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klickitat jim:
Many lagers seem to be lacking in aroma. Hard to describe, maybe very faint sulfur?  I'm curious if anyone has tried a very light dry hopping, maybe a half ounce, just enough to bring the aroma to life. Thoughts?

Sacrilege!  I don't like to late hop or dry hop my lagers.  I'm snooty like that.  I figure if you're going to make a hop bomb, it might as well be an ale or it kind of defeats the purpose of lagering to bring out the malt character.  Of course there are other people who love dry hopping their lagers and do it all the time.  It's totally up to you.  But I wouldn't do it.

klickitat jim:
My current lager is an ounce of northern brewer at FWH, two ounces Mt hood at FO. I was thinkin about a half ounce after the D rest while I'm stepping it down to 35 deg
I might wait till next batch though. This is my first shot at FWH and ought to see what that's like on its own before another change

I dry hopped a BoPils with an Ounce of Saaz and it was wonderful.  I wouldn't say it was a hop bomb, just had a very pleasant aroma.  All depends on the style and your tastes.  Sam Adams just introduced their IPL which I'd like to try as I was thinking about experimenting with this myself.  I say go for it and see if you like it or not.


I have a friend that made a Nelson Sauvin Pilsner. Holy hell it was amazing! Really hop forward.


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