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Bottling Under CO2 and Beer Maturation


Background: I have kegged a light lager that used WY2112 steam beer yeast.  It finished out in primary after 21 days and it’s been kegged and refridgerated 8 days as of 3/2/2009.  I carbonated it gradually from 2/28 to 3/2 up to 2.2 volumes.  The beer needs to clear out a little and mature under carbonation, but tastes good given its youth.  I would like to fill a few bottles with my bottling gun and drop them off this weekend for a competition in a few weeks.  I need to make the drop this weekend as I’ll be passing through the area of the competition, and I’d prefer not to ship later on.

Question:  Assuming I use the b-gun correctly, would you expect the beer I bottled today to mature and taste/appear similar to the kegged portion in a few weeks?  Thanks for any thoughts/advice/feedback

Since the bottles are smaller than the keg, the maturation process will be faster and clearing should happen faster as well.  Both are affected by the size of the storage vessel.  You may want to use gelatin to clear the keg before you bottle if you have a couple of days and the keg is already down to lagering or drinking temps.

+1 for gelatin.

You will have to pull a couple of pints after the gelatin settles to assure you don't bottle the gelatin as well.


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