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AHA Announces Discontinuation of Club-Only Competition Program

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I, for one, was immediately disappointed at this announcement.  However, I promptly realized maybe it's a great opportunity for clubs to come together and do this themselves.

I'd like to know what other clubs might be interested in continuing style-specific competitions limited to one-entry per club. In discussion with other Oregon Brew Crew board members, we'd certainly be interested in hosting a style "invitational."

With the AHA no longer having Club-Only competitions, clubs would not receive NHC Club of the Year points for participation. I'd like to see if this would discourage club participation in something like this: how much of a motivator were these points?

Also, I'm curious if other clubs would interested in establishing a collaboration of "invitational" competitions toward some final seasonal outcome.

Let's please discuss.

Ted Assur
OBC Competition Chair


truth be told, I joined a club for access to Club-Only competitions.  "I don't care to belong to a club that would accept people like me as members" is more to my usual feeling.

having said that, I'd be interested in competing in what you propose, and would even push the local club to host one, once, you know, the state of Kansas makes them legal again.   ::)


I think it would something fun to do, if nothing else to publish a list of "let's talk about these styles for a little while."

A sad day indeed, our club was hoping to be active in the Club-Only competitions this year.

I'd be interested Ted and I imagine many in COHO would be.  I enjoyed participating in the Heart of Cascadia competition.  I'll chat with our president over the weekend about these changes and see if we can get you two connected.

Kelly Harper

Bruce B:
The Barons host an all German competition and I know the Rock Hoppers host an all French & Belgian one.  Belle City does a high gravity Winter Warmer competition.  The COC was a great incubator but now there are plenty of other competitions out there that can serve this function.


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