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klickitat jim:
Just ordered up a new 14 gallon ss kettle with false bottom and brewmometer. Now I'll have two 8.5 gallon boil kettles and one 14 gallon  tun big enough to no sparge. Will make double header brew days much more fun. Yee haw!

Next step will be a pump and recirculation immersion chiller. Maybe after summer vacation I can find the money for that

Jeff M:
Nice! Im curious though, why get a recirculating immersion chiller instead of a plate chiller?  I just got a march pump and used it last weekend and it saved my back a LOT of lifting.  Soon as i get a spigot on my brewkettle brewdays will be a breeze!

klickitat jim:
I was told by folks on here that the ic is the way to go

I agree with the plate chiller.  The Terminator is the best piece of equipment I own.

i just picked up a new 50' 1/2' ic chiller with whirlpool and pump. sadly i can't use it until i get back from france and belgium though. i picked mine up because of the greater surface area contact the wort has with the chilling coils. maybe it's better, maybe it's not.


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