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Hydrometer reading for first extract

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Is it necessary to take a hydrometer reading for my first batch of beer prior to fermentation? Didn't see this in the rookie video included.

klickitat jim:
Not to the point that you should throw it away, but ya it's pretty important. It tells you where your gravity is at the start so you can compare to ending and figure out alcohol level. And so you can know how well your yeast did.

Yes, you should take a gravity reading BEFORE you pitch the yeast. This way you can compare it with another gravity reading taken 10-14 days from now. You'll also know if you came close to the estimated OG.

You guys...this forum is awesome. Lightning quick responses here. Sorry, getting all nervous before my first batch today. Putting together burner now.

Mark G:
Yes, you should, but it's not completely necessary if you're trying to keep your first brew day simple. With an extract kit, as long as your volume measurements are accurate, your OG will be on target since all you're doing is dissolving a known quantity of sugars in a know quantity of water.


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