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Fermentation chamber too cold?

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--- Quote from: ynotbrusum on May 07, 2013, 05:59:28 PM ---Unless you want certain esters present, you are in good shape and should not do anything with it.  It will likely warm up over the next few days and turn out perfect.  If it stays colder than you want, you can remove it from the after in a few days and let it free rise a bit at the end of fermentation.  Good job!

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Would you elaborate on the esters? I've noticed this afternoon it has finally risen a bit. The fermometer has raised to show 66 for the green and 68 yello.

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Unless you are asking out of pure curiosity I would not worry to much about esters at this time. you are likely going to end up with a very nice clean brew this time around.

But a quick overly simplified rundown...

esters are the family of chemicals that are responsible for a variety of fruity flavors in ales. You might notice them most strongly in belgian beers. The pear/apple/plum/cherry like aromas and flavours you might find in one of these ales are the result of esters.

Well I can tell you it smells like delicious banana bread. My question was should I drop it back down to 64-66?

yeah, you might want to add a little ice and try to back that down but 68 is not much of a problem. If I recall you are using the US05 yeast which is tolerant of 68ish


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