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Any advice on priming with Maple Syrup?

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So i have a nut brown ale that will be ready to be bottled very soon. I kinda like the idea of a maple nut brown  8) A couple of questions before i commit. Will there be a noticeable maple character left to the beer? I have read differing ideas on the amount needed to bottle a 5 gallon batch anywhere from 1 cup to 1 1/2 cups...

Any advice would be helpful. Thanks in advance !


Its basically liquid sucrose, so treat just like you would table sugar.

Well i have decided to do it. i like to experiment. Should i mix it with some boiled water first to ensure that it mixes better with the beer when transferring to the bottling bucket?

It's not liquid sucrose.  It's mostly water in fact so 3/4 cup maple syrup is not just like 3/4 cup table sugar.  The truth is that to get enough maple flavor to even taste will take a tremendous amount of syrup.  Thai may work for adding to secondary, but not for priming. Priming sugars should only be used to carbonate beer, not add flavors. If you want maple flavor use extract.

Oh, I never claimed that you'd get any maple flavor by using it fro priming.  I have primed using maple sugar, but I measured it by mass - 5 oz and it primed quite nicely!

Of course I might have used maple sugar (crystallized maple sugar) and weighed that out, I don't remember for certain.


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