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Drinking while brewing

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evil ale:
after a few home brews, i thought it would be a great time start a new brew. i am a beginner to the home brew hobby. every thing was going great until it was time to add the pellet hops in. heres what i did, in the last few min of my boil i was to add in my hops so i grabbed the package, cut the top off and dumped it in. just as it all poured into the boiling wort i noticed the i had the wrong package. i had dumped in the yeast.
>:( . i did end up putting the hops in and finished the boil. i chilled it in a ice bath trying to figure out if there is some way to fix my brew.

i figured that i killed the yeast in the boil and at 3am there was no way to get any brewers yeast. but i did find some bakers yeast in the cubard. i used it and is formenting for the past 2 days.

did i ruin my beer? is it going to taste bad?

Jeff M:
we will find out in 2-3 weeks:D  im sure bakers yeast doesnt have some of the traits that brewing yeasts do, but in the end they are all yeast.  so im sure the sugars are becoming alchohol.

should this happen again, you should remember that there is no problem with leaving that wort safely tucked away under an air lock for 24ish hours until you ARE able to get yeast.

However, brewers yeast and bakers yeast are the same species of yeast. While the provenance of the bakers yeast is likely not as perfectly kept as a particular strain of yeast for brewing it'll be fine.

My father in law used to make wine. He used bread yeast but he never, ever drank. Not a sip. He just made it for everyone else to "enjoy". It tasted like bread (among other things not resembling wine).

This is why some folks wait until wort is in the fermenter before sampling the product. ;)


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