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Bretta B. and Those crazy Danish guys

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Just cracked open a bottle of Mikkeller 'Yeast' series. This one is Bretta B. I also have a Bretta L. in the fridge. I poured off 90% of the bottle into my glass and then the rest went into 600ml of wort. The Bretta L. will go in  after that. and then I have a bottle of Flemish ale that I will decide on after I open it.

Ahh fun with yeast.

jonathan you are so fortunate to have good selections

Bottle dregs >>>>> Yeast blends


--- Quote from: kylekohlmorgen on May 07, 2013, 04:55:22 AM ---Bottle dregs >>>>> Yeast blends

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yeah, this collection is headed for a bit of a mixed up experiment.

I am normally pretty good about keeping things simple in the brewery. Rarely are there more than three things in the grain bill and three hops.

This time around I've  got 4 grains(2 row, munich, wheat malt, and rye flakes) but only two hops (pacific gem and Belgian Goldings)
However this time I also used three yeasts! and two of those were blends.

When I went to the LHBS to get some yeast a couple days before brew day they didn't have any saison yeast so nor, for that matter three vials of any yeast I wanted to use.

They did have 1 vial of the American Farmhouse Blend, 1 vial of the Belgian Ale Blend and one vial of Belgian Ale (can't remember the numbers right now).

Made starters out of each and mixed them all up to pitch.

5 gallons will get the bugs in a couple days.

The plan is to add some honey tomorrow then Thursday I will rack 5 gallons into a glass carboy and add the bugs. I hope there will be enough sugar left for them to get a good hold before it's all used up this way.


--- Quote from: 1vertical on May 06, 2013, 10:28:58 PM ---jonathan you are so fortunate to have good selections

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I know, this bottle shop opened up in my town about two years ago and they have a great selection of unusual Belgian and trappist stuff.


I'm looking forward to your presentation at NHC by the way. Between your discussion of house cultures and that bottle of sour red from 1Vert you can explain a lot of my interest in this project.

So I, of course got a little off schedule in the process and only added the honey last night. I also won't have time to wrack to secondary until tomorrow.

The starter I made with the dregs had a nice fermentation finishing up Thursday afternoon. Should I pitch the whole thing? swirl it up and pitch half? Decant and...?


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