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When to start checking OG

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--- Quote from: flbrewer on May 08, 2013, 02:52:31 PM ---Sadly I didn't check OG, but the recipe did include that number (1.043). So how would I know which FG to look for? The instructions mention 2 weeks primary, 2 weeks bottle.
*also mentions the "foam" will fall back into the beer once ferm is complete.

--- End quote ---

you will know (or at least be fairly sure) you are at terminal gravity when two readings are the same over a period of a couple days.

test, wait 2 days check again, if it is the same.

You will only have one FG for this beer.  You will know it's final when you get identical hydrometer readings for 2-3 successive days.  It'll probably be there in a few days.  But get in the habit of leaving the beer in primary for the 2 weeks as previously mentioned.  The yeast will clean up after itself, and give you much better beer.

Good advice all around, but I wanted to add one thing: it's fermentation that drives the schedule, not vice versa. Two weeks is probably a good, conservative guideline, but if fermentation was otherwise healthy there's probably no benefit to waiting that long. Assuming normal pitching rate (one pack/vial in 5 gal doesn't count) and temperature control, an average-gravity ale should ferment out in about 3-6 days. 3-4 days of warm conditioning afterward will probably be beneficial, but after that it should be ready to be crashed and/or racked.

Bottom line, get in the habit of taking gravities every few days throughout fermentation, and you'll have a far better handle on how your chosen yeast strains perform in your brewery. And definitely get one of these:


--- Quote from: flbrewer on May 08, 2013, 02:46:58 PM ---FG, FG!

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Actually, you're looking at SG (specific gravity) to find out if you're at FG (final gravity).  OG is where it starts, FG is where it ends, SG is both of those and everything in between!

So whether or not I see duplicate readings this weekend (will be one week Sunday) just wait 2 weeks anyways?


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