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Re: Upgrade
« Reply #15 on: May 08, 2013, 06:45:49 PM »
How about a nice scale to measure hops and salts?  Or equipment to make yeast starters?

+1 to this. if you plan on making high gravity beers, a stirplate will be great.  personally i would get the immersion chiller. i didnt use one for the first 10 batches i did. after using it twice i cant figure out how i got by without one.
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Re: Upgrade
« Reply #16 on: May 08, 2013, 07:54:20 PM »
I would go with a one barrel system if you have enough credit lol. Ingredients if it's not that big. Yeast starter stir plate kit if it's moderate


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Re: Upgrade
« Reply #17 on: May 09, 2013, 04:41:34 AM »
Don't buy a chiller. If you're the least bit handy you can make one for far cheaper in under an hour. Buy a book. "How to brew" if you don't already have it or maybe "brewing better beer " by Gordon Strong. Beyond that I'd say a 2 liter flask for making starters and a 6 gallon glass carboy.

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Re: Upgrade
« Reply #18 on: May 09, 2013, 06:36:22 AM »
Another bucket and the rest on ingredients to make lots of beer!   :)

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Re: Upgrade
« Reply #19 on: May 09, 2013, 01:27:50 PM »
As others have stated, once you've be bitten by the homebrew bug, you will never have enough equipment. I would definitely invest in something you will need in the future. Good luck deciding what that is my friend.  :-\
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