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A bomber is rarely a good deal

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I thought this was going to be about drinking a bomber before going to the shooting range, with hilarious Darwin anecdote included.

The only bombers I buy are the ones that don't generally come in 4 or 6 packs, mainly because they're extremely high alcohol, barrel aged, or sour.

No, no shooting AFTER drinking. You can shoot BEFORE drinking, but you need to wash your hands and face to avoid the potential for lead contamination. There's your PSA for the day! ;)

klickitat jim:
And this is why we should ban all activities that can't be safely done while drinking.

Alcohol and gun stories usually end with  "Hey y'all watch this........". ;D

I disagree with article that price of 22 oz bottle is almost the same as price of 12 oz bottle.
Absolutely not true.

Also process for filling 22 oz bottles is different. Price is all about productivity and cost.
If you are so much price shopper then buy it in the keg.


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