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Kegging Advice - Am I crazy for offering?

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No, I'm not asking how to keg - I can browse the forums and figure that out.

A co-worker asked me about the cost of a keg of (store bought) beer for her upcoming wedding.  I told her that she'd have to pay the cost, put a deposit on the keg and rent the tap... or she could get a hand crafted beer from me for the cost of the ingredients.  I was only joking, but apparently she and her fiance and now seriously considering it.

My dilema is that I am not currently setup to keg & I don't have the spare cash for it right now (if I get kegs, then I'm gonna have to build a kegerator, draft tower, etc).  She knows this and offered to buy the kegs and sell them to me afterwards.  Am I stupid for even considering this?  It would be my first time kegging and I fear something would go wrong and I would give her an inferior product.

If I do go through with this, do I get a CO2 system at the same time?  Would a hand pump and picnic tap be good enough, where it is going to be drank all in one day?  And if I go picnic tap, force carb, or prime with sugar?  My gut tells me a priming sugar, hand pump and picnic tap would be good enough, but I'm in unknown territory here.

The fiance is a lager drinker, I think she doesn't mind a (commercial) red ale.

First and most important question, where is the wedding?  If it is at a hotel, ballroom, or any type of place that serves beverages already, their liquor liscense will not allow you to bring in your own alcohol of any type, especially homebrew.

The wedding and reception is at the couple's house in their back yard.  Its late July, so I have some time to get my sh!t together and even do a test batch if needed.

That simplifies things greatly!

If I was presented with the opportunity to get into kegging with a bit of help from someone else, and a goal/deadline, i think I would jump on it.

I would recomend going with an actual full keg setup (CO2 tank, regulator, etc....).  If you start watching craigslist etc. now, you should be able to find a used tank and regulator for a reasonable price.

I have also had good luck finding old cornies on craigslist for cheaper than my LHBS charges.  Best deal I found so far was 13 kegs for $200.

You will not regret getting into a full on kegging setup, and will most likely expand it greatly as you go.


I would get a CO2 set-up so you can force carb and control the level of carbonation.


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