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O2 regulator noise

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Yeah, I think that sound is pressure relief. Backing it off always makes the noise stop for me.

For the disposable O2 tanks, it's not a regulator, it's just a valve.  If it's whistling, turn it down.

It's always better to start the gas flow before you submerge the stone.  Otherwise the liquid can make its way into the tiny pores and disrupt gas flow.

Ah Ok thanks.

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Joe Sr.:
Used mine last night.  I can hear the gas being released, but it does not whistle.

If it's really audible, I'd follow up with William's and see what they say.  I've found their customer service to be great.

I used the William's wand the other day, I liked it a lot. It didn't whistle, I don't think, but can definitely hear the gas releasing.


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