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Handle on 20 LB CO2

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Ok...dumb Friday question.

I'm looking to get a bigger co2 tank and I'm thinking of the 20 lb (mostly because I can get it filled locally for $15).  These bigger tanks have a handle on them, and every promotional shot online makes it look like the regulator will have trouble connecting because the handle is in the way.

Anyone that has one of these tanks, do the handles spin so you can connect most regulators to it?

I told you...dumb question but my mind is already in the weekend  ;D

I got one and the handle spins and does not restrict the regulator, its a little tight inbetween but no restriction to the regulator.


That's what I wanted to hear...thanks.

I'm amazed that I can fill the 20 lb tank for less than what I can exchange one 5 lb tank.  I figured out that each time I fill the 20 lb, it would be a savings of about $49 over 4 exchanges.  Since I'm planning to move the tank outside the kegerator anyways (and free up space for 1 more keg), it seems like a no brainer.

That is a great price. I pay $50.00 to fill my 20 lb. tank.


--- Quote from: swampale on May 10, 2013, 08:43:36 AM ---That is a great price. I pay $50.00 to fill my 20 lb. tank.
--- End quote ---

Are you on an island or something? There's no way it should cost more than maybe $30 anywhere in the lower 48.

At any rate, yes, the handles rotate so that they'll clear the regulator. Getting the regulator on and off can be a PITA since you can't spin a wrench very far, but it's no big deal. Beats not having a handle for sure.


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