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Problem with club growth in VA

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We have 2 meetings a month.  One is where we bring our homebrew and conduct the actual business of the club and the second is what we call our social where we go, usually to a local brewery or pub and socialize more. 


--- Quote from: mtnrockhopper on May 14, 2013, 04:45:12 PM ---It sure seems like the ABC rep is wrong from the highlighted quote below.  Maybe try contacting someone else for clarification - someone above him at ABC or one of your state legislators.

--- Quote ---s 4.1-200 Exemptions from licensure.

The licensure requirements of this chapter shall not apply to:
6. Any person who manufactures at his residence or at a gourmet brewing shop for domestic consumption at his residence, but not to be sold, dispensed or given away, except as hereinafter provided, wine or beer or both, in an amount not to exceed the limits permitted by federal law.

Any person who manufactures beer in accordance with this subdivision may remove from his residence an amount not to exceed fifteen gallons of such beer on any one occasion for (i) personal or family use, provided such use does not violate the provisions of this title or Board regulations; (ii) giving to any person to whom beer may be lawfully sold an amount not to exceed seventy-two ounces per person per year, provided such gift is for noncommercial purposes; or (iii) giving to any person to whom beer may lawfully be sold a sample of such beer, not to exceed two ounces by volume for on-premises consumption at events organized for judging or exhibiting such beer, including events held on the premises of a retail licensee. Nothing in this paragraph shall be construed to authorize the sale of such beer.

--- End quote ---

--- End quote ---
Wow, that is stunning.  While mort is right that the ABC rep is always "right", this one clearly either doesn't know the relevant law or has read it and is an idiot.  Anyone shut down by the ABC for this would win in court, but at the cost of lost business and lawyers fees, so it's obviously not worth it.

Although there is some curious wording from the OP - "The Virginia ABC has told them it would affect their current ABC license."  Affect how?  I read it first to mean it is illegal, but since it is clearly not maybe they meant something else.

I certainly do appreciate everyone's feedback.  I read the exact same section of the code of virginia and I interpreted it the same way.  I sent an email to Virginia ABC today to get clarification.  The problem is that the same ABC agent allowed us to serve homebrew in the VIP tent of the local beer festival, so we are treading lightly so we don't rock the boat and ruin that opportunity.  If any of you saw the moonshiners show on the discovery channel, our ABC agent is the same one on season 1 of that show(Jesse Tate), so you can draw your own conclusions.

Not to hijack this thread, but that moonshiners show is a load of crap. They aren't making anything. If you let a camera crew film you doing something illegal, and broadcast it on cable television, you would be arrested

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We have a brew club here in Virginia and have experienced some of the same pains. We have currently landed in a good spot but it has changed the landscape of the club. We now meet at the clubhouse in some of the members neighborhood. The HOA Board has been very supportive yet they have some difficult rules namely one. Since our club has "non-residents" we were required to incorporate and are in the process of finding general liability insurance to ensure the neighborhood is covered in the event of an accident as the "non-residents" are not covered under the neighborhood policy. This has forced us to establish a dues structure and a lot of promotion in the neighborhood. This has actually worked out for us because it is forcing us to develop a strong infrastructure as we grow. If you have a member with a clubhouse, I would recommend checking them out.


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