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Beers for the non-craft drinker

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--- Quote from: corkybstewart on May 15, 2013, 07:03:33 PM ---...To the OP I say brew what you like and if the others don't like it they can bring their own...

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Its always nice to cater to your guests if you're the host, though.
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But it really isn't possible to cater to everybody's tastes. 

Everybody we know understands the kind of beer that will be served at our house and reacts accordingly.  Some bring their Coors or Bud Lite, no problem for me and it's what they like.  They still have the option of trying any of the other beers, but they can also stay in their personal comfort zone if that's what suits them.  My boss brought a 12 pack(at least) of Budweiser to my house every time he came over, his wife loved my homebrew, everybody was happy.

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klickitat jim:
I like it!  I might steal that and modify...

Sorry, I don't have any lite beer but there's some slim fast in the cupboard


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