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Beers for the non-craft drinker

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Jeff, how do you usually add the Poblanos?  Fresh or dried, whole or ground, into the boil or secondary?  Sounds interesting!


--- Quote from: erockrph on May 14, 2013, 06:14:47 PM ---For my summer BBQ last year I brewed 5 gallons of a light wheat beer for the light beer crowd. They drank all my IPA instead and I was left with 2 cases of beer I didn't want. This year I'm saying "screw it, you can drink what I have". I guess I'm lucky that most of my family and friends like good beer. I might get a 12-rack of Harpoon Summer Ale in addition just in case, but I don't mind getting stuck with that.

--- End quote ---
I totally agree.  I brew what I want now for parties and tell everyone to bring whatever beer they like in case they don't want the style(s) I have on tap. If they like mine (and usually do) then they're welcome to all they want. Everybody's happy.

I hate to waste beer on the BMC crowd.  Helles, Maibock, Am Wheat, Blonde, Kolsch are all good choices, though.

My neighbor used to be a hardcore Bud lite drinker, but he loves my Berliner Weisse. Sometimes, people surprise you.

I'm lucky to have friends that are pretty beer savvy, with a few exceptions. And a couple of the BMC drinkers have slowly converted to craft along the way.


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