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I am going to be bottling my first homebrew tomorrow night (yay!) and had a question about sanitizing the bottles.  I have been using one step sanitizer and have some in a spray bottle to sanitize my bottling tree.  how long can sanitized bottles stay on the tree before bottling? 

Since the tree usually keeps the bottles upside down, you've got plenty of time.  Like days.

Yup, just think about where you are storing the tree,
like maybe not right next to the kitty litter  :D

Why risk precious homebrew? Sanitize and bottle shortly thereafter...My .02  8)

Get 2-3 five gallon buckets. Fill one with sanitizer. The other(s) you can stack the bottles in upside down to drip dry- fitting them in together in concentric circles and stacking them up until you can't fit anymore.

Fill bottles.

Not a good idea to wait.

You can do that with kegs but bottles...?  :P


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